7 Ideas to Start a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube Channel

Finding the ideas to start a YouTube channel shouldn’t be scary. Since it is for many of us, which is why it’s being discussed here in the first place. The purpose is crystal clear. If you want to start YouTube in 2017 or it’s one of your 2017 goals, then you’ve stumbled upon the right piece of content because I genuinely want you to start a YouTube channel. Trust me, I started off a vlogging channel exactly a year ago and I’ve come this far, I improved a lot, I got better, I bought a camera, I got first ever video editing software. All this wouldn’t have happened if I haven’t had the courage to make a start.

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So, if you want it. You get it.

Now, the important part is that whenever you think about starting a YouTube channel — thoughts about choosing the right idea cross your mind — and guess what, they don’t help.

And, you end up procrastinating and the best way to procrastinate is putting it on the new year goals list.

Trust me. I was so afraid of making videos that I was convinced that I would never make an online video ever.

Now I’m a daily vlogger.

Can you imagine?

I make a vlog every single day.

In fact, I have two other YouTube channels as well.

The point is that you don’t have to worry if you’re afraid of starting a YouTube channel or you’re overwhelmed because you didn’t find the right idea so far.

You will get through this.

If you really want to make a start, you have to find the right idea to start a YouTube channel. I’ll try to share 7 ideas but maybe you find better than these on your own. Be a little creative, think out-of-the-box, and choose something that entertains or helps people.

Before I give it away. Let me emphasize on something important here.

CHOOSE thing you’re good at.

Don’t ever pick a YouTube channel idea because your friend does that.

Do because you WANT to do that thing on YouTube.

Here are my 7 ideas for starting a YouTube channel:

1) – Shopping Review

We’re talking about challenging the norms and doing something different. You don’t want to do the same things that everyone else is doing. Fine. Start a shopping review channel. We all do shopping, at least once in a month. Sometimes, we go for grocery and sometimes we go for buying clothes. In fact, we often pay visits to the superstores for buying household items. In case, you’re not into public vlogging or vlogging at all, what you can do is start shopping review videos. You can actually start a YouTube channel to review the products you’ve just bought for your home or office. Start sharing what you got and how much you paid for it. Pick this idea only if you’re passionate about this. You might have no idea where this tiny idea can lead you.

2) – Interior Decoration

Are you into interior designing? Forget it. Do you like to decorate your home? Do you often buy show pieces, vase, photo frames? Do you like to upgrade your sofas and dining hall things all the time? If any of these things does exist in your case, then, my friend, you’re an interior design freak and you should utilize this passion for interior decoration to build a career on YouTube. In case, you’re wondering how, as Gary Vaynerchuk said in this video, ‘JUST START‘.

3) – DIY Crafts

Have you ever tried of creating different cardboard items or flowcharts? Did you ever make home decoration crafts? If you’re that person who can grab the paper and a scissor anytime you want and start cutting it off and end up making a beautiful DIY decoration pieces, then this YouTube channel idea is exactly for you. People who are good at DIY crafts are creative and if you’re one of them, trust me, you can be an inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people who search for the ideas for decorating their rooms and home offices through those DIY crafts video tutorials. You’ve just got the idea of a lifetime. Do it.

4) – Cooking & Baking

Cooking & Baking isn’t for everyone. I admit it because it could be the hardest job if you’re like me who hasn’t been around the kitchen but if you’re good at cooking & baking, then you should proceed with this idea. In fact, if you’re passionate about kitchen stuff and you love to teach others about cooking & baking, then it’s a great idea to start your YouTube channel. You’ll quickly find your audience on YouTube. Let me tell you, Cooking, DIY Crafts, and Fitness niches have the most loyal and dedicated audience in the world.

5) – Dressing and Outfits

Guess what, it’s not for everyone. If you’re passionate about dressing and outfits, whether you’re male or female, you would love to talk about your dresses, new purchases, and wardrobe. If you’re that person who is known for his or her talent of designing, suggesting, or putting up incredible outfits then this YouTube channel idea is exactly for you. Don’t just pick it up because you often shop online unless you’re really into the fashion and dressing.

6) – Auto Mechanic Guide

This could be something unique. Like other YouTube channel ideas, this idea is also for the specific kind of people who are immensely into the car fixing and auto-mechanic things. There is always a friend or cousin who likes cars and curious to fix his or anyone else’s car. If you’re that person, get on with it. This niche is for you. Just grab it and do something on YouTube.

7) – Pet Management

Having a dog at home isn’t enough to start a YouTube channel. But if you’re quite into any sort of pet care or management then you can go with it. It’s all about passion and what you love to do. Because at the end of the day, you have to help others through your content. And you could only do that if you have a passion for that niche. So, whether you’re a cat person or a dog lover, just start a YouTube channel according to your certain skill set. Don’t go for something you’re not good at. For instance, if you have some experience in raising a dog, then you should stick to a dog channel rather than a pets channel. The ‘Pets’ niche is a whole lot bigger than the ‘dogs’ niche.

The End

Finding the right niche is such a blessing in today’s crowded internet. If you have a specific voice that comes from a passion, you got to use it and YouTube is one of the best platforms to utilize.

I decided to help out new YouTubers who are out there looking to start their YouTube channels and struggling in choosing their YouTube niche.

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And, tell me something in the comment section:

Which one of these YouTube channel ideas is interesting for you?

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