How Does Sponsorship Work in Vlogging?

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How do vloggers get sponsorship?

People have literally started asking me this. This could be a little strange for you if you haven’t been able to know much about vlogging. I’d highly recommend a simple guide to starting a vlogging channel, so that you know exactly what’s going on here.

Trust me. You need to read that guide about vlogging first, then the rest of the article would make sense. In case, you watch YouTube and you know something about vlogs, then it’s totally fine and you should stick to this article.

Back to the question.

How do vloggers get sponsorship?

People ask this and I tell them that it’s one of the ways to get paid as a vlogger.

So, they ask me, how do vloggers make money?

I tell them that they monetize their content through YouTube partner program or MCNs.

Those who don’t have the option to use YouTube partnership program, they opt MCNs and try many other ways. Since there could be a lot of opportunities of making money off of vlogging, which is why they choose sponsorship… (by the way, MCN stands for multi-channel network. An MCN is a network which works with YouTube channels to monetize their content through their network.

Okay… back to the point.

Then they seem panicked.

They ask back: So, how can someone get a sponsor as a vlogger?

Then I tell them this:

Well, there might not be some ground rules of getting a sponsorship but there are certainly some requirements a channel has to fulfill in order to attract the prospective sponsor.

Here are 21 steps that tell you exactly how you can start vlogging and get a sponsorship:

  1. Choose a specific vlogging style
  2. Create a YouTube channel
  3. Start your vlogging with a core purpose
  4. Follow favorite vloggers you look up to
  5. Follow and engage with fellow vloggers
  6. Meet and greet other vloggers
  7. Create interesting and fun vlogs
  8. Build a strong connection with the subscribers
  9. Follow-up the comments to get connected with people
  10. Collaborate with fellow vloggers
  11. Go out, dine often, and shop sometimes
  12. Build a relationship with the Brands
  13. Mention favorite products, eatables, and events
  14. Give brands exposure in your vlogs
  15. Be consistent with your vlog uploading
  16. Don’t wait for the sponsorship offers
  17. Keep building a momentum with your audience
  18. Start showing the power of your followership
  19. Start promoting related brands
  20. Start talking to the brands to cut a deal
  21. Start slowly with your vlog sponsorship

You might be like…whoa!

Okay. Relaxed. You could feel overwhelmed after reading out all those steps of starting out as a vlogger and reaching to the point where you could get sponsors for your vlogs. It takes time. I mean years to reach that stage.

Don’t rush. Don’t cry. Don’t beg.

It will happen if you want it to happen.

I’ll tell you how now.

How does sponsorship work in vlogging?

There are certain things you need to understand before getting into sponsorship. There is no certainty in this and yet there are endless possibilities. The more you try, the closer you get. So, I’m going to share a step-by-step guide to getting started with a vlog sponsorship.

Step #1: Create your vlogs more often

There is no excuse here. You have to create more content. One of the things that fascinate me about vlogging is the daily vlogging. I have been doing blogging for more than 6 years but I never thought about the term ‘daily blogging’ — despite the fact I do it every day — but the difference is that I don’t create a finished product every single day in blogging. Of course, my responsibilities are diversified in this game. Being a freelance writer, I have clients to look after, then I try to put some effort into my own blogging and that’s the best explanation why I can’t publish a blog post every single day.

But I found this thing interesting in vlogging. Probably because I don’t vlog for others… (obviously, unlike blogging and freelance writing stuff)…

So, it pretty much makes sense now.

Whatever you do for a living, if you want to get started with vlogging and looking at the sponsorship opportunities to arrive at your doorstep, please don’t think about it yet, you’ll get there someday. Just start vlogging now and get to daily vlogs as soon as possible.

Learn how to get better at vlogging.

More importantly, like Gary Vaynerchuk says about creating something is “Just Start

And don’t forget to read the rest of the points…(because they’re dope)

Step #2: Build an audience and get engaged

This is really important. This is where the game changes.

Now, assuming that you’ve started creating your vlogs. I reckon you’re enjoying your daily vlogs. Now you have a responsibility on your shoulders of building an audience. The secret sauce to this is that you would never get tons of new subscribers to your vlog YouTube channel, so you got to accept that. Meanwhile, you don’t have to quit it…


First of all, follow other vloggers.

There could be two types of vloggers to follow!

(Read carefully, this is important stuff)

#1: Vlog channels that you take inspiration from

#2: Vlog channels that you take inspiration from + channels you build momentum with

Let me explain this…

You don’t have to comment and get engaged with #1 category. All you need is to watch them, learn from them, and try to extract the lessons from their vlogs. The reason I’m saying not to get engaged on those channels is because they might have a huge following and when you get to start  the conversation, you may end up getting some heat, negative comments, and spam as well. I’m talking about channels who have millions of subscribers and they get tens of thousands of comments on every single vlog. Just don’t get into the comment war there, it will waste your time and some time mean comments can spoil your evening as well.

Instead, get into the comments section as well as social media of #2. These are the vloggers who aren’t hot celebs yet. They could be your peers or average vloggers that just like you and trying to build their vlogging careers as well. One of the important things about #2 is that you should try to put those vloggers into this list who are native (meaning, from the same country or ethnic group) because it will help you share the common values, language, and norms).

This is how you’re going to meet the relevant people.

This is how you will attract the kind of audience you want to inspire.

For instance, I’m a Pakistani vlogger, I follow a lot of Pakistani YouTubers. Although, there aren’t much out there and a few of us are trying to inspire more and more people to get started with vlogging. This blog ( is the prime example that my mission is to help people educate about vlogging so that they get to know about vlogging and build their careers around it.

Back to the point.

I follow many Pakistani vloggers and YouTubers, for instance:

The idea is, since I’m a Pakistani vlogger, I would rather get engaged with other Pakistani vloggers than with American vloggers.

This was one of the steps every vlogger needs to take if he/she wants to grow as a vlogger. Remember, if you want to grow, don’t underestimate the power of the audience. Choose wisely who you want to reach out, communicate, and build a connection with. Watch out…

Step #3: Showcase your hobbies and interests

This is really an important step. You must have some hobbies and interests in order to put them forward because it makes you an interesting, entertaining, and bright personality to follow by the audience. The existence of a point of view or positive agenda is a huge plus for a vlogger.

Do you know Roman Atwood often talks about motivation? He motivates his subscribes to accept the challenges and fight through them. He keeps people pushing up. In fact, he remains pumped up himself to do various adventures and that’s what makes his vlogs pretty interesting especially for the younger audience.

Fun For Louis is a true adventurer. He keeps on traveling around the world and keeps on vlogging. He works with a number of brands to help run different campaigns. His vlogs are pretty much adventurous and based on travel and exploration. His passion is travel and adventure and that is exactly what he does all around the world.

Patrick bet-David is an entrepreneur, speaker, and finance expert. His YouTube channel VALUETAINMENT just covers entrepreneurship content. He helps entrepreneurs and founders create successful businesses through his videos. Personally, Patrick bet-David is my #1 resource for entrepreneurial motivation and advice.

It could be anything. It could be something you’re really passionate about.

Steven Bridges talked about his hobbies in this video. He is one of the YouTubers that I follow.

I often talk about my blogging in my vlog… (watch this and that one)

It doesn’t matter how silly or cheap your passion is.

You must have one. The passion is something you can’t categorize into good or bad.

Some people are obsessed with watching HOLLYWOOD films while others are sports fanatics.

Some of you might like cooking while others are quite interested in gardening.

It’s totally up to you. Whatever it is, try to show it and help educate the vlog audience.

In this way, not only will you entertain the audience, but you will also meet up with the brands that might be interested in some kind of promotional deal.

Step #4: Highlight the relevant products

This is what I was talking about. Once you have some specific hobbies and interests identified, the next thing you come up to is relevant products to use, analyze, and review. The best way to get started is either by buying those products or building a relationship with the brands.

In the beginning, the brands don’t know you, and of course, you won’t have a whole heap of the audience to attract the brands either. So start slow and don’t bother much about the sponsorship. Do  this (vlogging thing) for love not for sponsorship. Once you grow your audience and become a need of your subscribers which might take a few years and your consistency of uploading would take you there, then there is a chance you would attract the certain brands to come up to you and talk about the sponsorship because you would have an audience to present something branded.

If you’re wondering where to get started with this sponsorship thing in your vlogs, you get start working on this from the day 1 of your vlogging. Choose your hobbies and interests, then figure out those brands that are related to your hobbies, either it’s a pet, remote control cars, or anything else. Just get involved in the products and keep showing your interest in the vlogs.

For instance, Zoella is a world-known British YouTuber and vlogger. She is a lifestyle YouTuber and covers so many topics related to cooking, fashion, lifestyle, and makeup. She often reviews beauty products and household items.

Mimi Ikonn does the same thing. You’ll see those YouTubers are using their passion and hobbies into their YouTube videos and vlogs.

Step #5: Start talking to the brands

It’s true that everything around vlog sponsorship works after a certain time period when you have a sizeable amount of audience to showcase, but it shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to the brands, talking to them, and in fact, asking them to come over and talk about their products in order to promote them for free.

You can begin with offering them value. Promote them for free. Maybe, they would remember you and return the favor when your channel grows up.

It’s not about winning the sponsorship, instead, it’s all about putting some effort, building relationships, and going out there because, at the end of the day, even you don’t get the sponsorship, you’d just advertise your vlogs to the new people.

The process is important.

As C. J. Skender said, “Success doesn’t measure the human being, effort does.”


The sponsorship in vlogging is evidently possible. If you want to win this, you’ll win.

Don’t afraid of rejections. Just keep trying. More importantly, keep doing what you love which is VLOGGING and don’t put your head into sponsorship much. Once you spend three to five years, brands would ask you to schedule their meetings with you, till then focus on building a strong connection with your audience and that’s only possible with your vlogs making.

Is there something else I missed out in this article?

If yes, please feel free to share that in the comments section.

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