How to Make an Intro for your Vlog Channel

Vlog channel intro

If you’re wondering to make an intro for your vlogs then I’d love to say that I might try this out as well in the future but don’t let a vlog channel intro stop you from shooting a vlog and posting it on YouTube. A vlog channel’s intro isn’t mandatory for your vlogging but it’s rather an optional strategy to entice the audience.

But, in this blog post, I’ll dig deeper and share my opinion based on my observation. Furthermore, I’ll help you out in creating your YouTube intro or Vlog channel intro. Let me admit that I’m not a big fan of vlog channel intros, however, at some point, I might get one.

Because, as a content creator, I know that it’s not always about what you want to create. Sometimes, you got to do what your audience wants you to do and/or you should try out new things as well. Keeping that in mind, let’s move forward.

There are generally three types of vlog channel intros that I’ve seen so far:

1) – Logo-based Intro

A logo based intro is a type that portrays the channel name in a text animation. I’m not qualified on this so really can’t recommend a software that does that animation for you. Normally, the logo-based intros are 2 to 3 seconds in length. Roman Atwood and PointlessBlogVlogs use such intros.

2) – Videos Trailer-based Intros

This kind of vlog channel intro looks great because of the fact that they include several video clips and those clips joint together with a music in the ground. The footage collection works as a compilation and could end with a simple text screen or an animated text.

3) – Theme-based Intros

Theme-based intros are the seasonal intros that YouTubers and vloggers use at a specific time or for a certain playlist on YouTube. For instance, Zoella uses the theme-based intro for Vlogmas.

How to Make an Intro for a YouTube/Vlog Channel

Once you’ve got the idea about the type of vlog channel intro you want to get, you can head over to the methods to get your intro as soon as possible. There could be more ways to get it done but I’ve got three practical methods for you:

1) – DIY Intro using the Video Editing Software

DIY (means DO IT YOURSELF) intro is something you would think it’s impossible but once you go through the process for a couple of times, it won’t be intimidating anymore. You need to have a good video editing software to do this. Obviously, I have a software to edit my videos and vlogs. It’s Filmora (affiliate link). It’s a paid software and offers a lot of features to get this done.

a video editing software

In fact, it’s not all about the features. Instead, it’s about WHAT YOU WANT TO SHOW. This software has so many new features that I haven’t even touched yet. Read the full review of this software and you’ll find out a lot of features that you can use to create your vlog channel intro.

You can add media, text, music, filters, and transitions in your vlog intro using the Filmora (affiliate link). I’ve been using the Filmora software for almost 9 months and it’s been working fantastic for me. Each time they roll out an upgrade, it just gets better than before.


One of the interesting things is that whether you want to make a videos trailer-based intro or text-based intro for your vlog channel, either way, this software is going to help you for sure. The text feature of Filmora has dozens of free-made templates which you can choose from. Moreover, you can create custom text animations as well.

2) –  Hire Someone to Design it

If you aren’t a tech-savvy person then you may need to hire someone to do it for you. If you go to a design agency, they might charge you a lot. Literally, no one wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars especially in the beginning of the vlogging career.

Fiverr is a freelancers’ marketplace. You can definitely this out. Look at the gigs related to Videos and Intros. You could also see the samples that designers have already uploaded. You could get this done under $50 or so.

3) – Use the Mobile Apps

There is a third option to this. If you don’t have to spend any money on the vlog channel intro then you may have to do it yourself. Plus, your vlog intro would most probably be text-animation based. But I’m sure you’ll be okay with that. Since you’re getting it without spending any money and doing much.

Use the Android apps like Legend and PixelLab to create the animated intros for your vlog channels. These apps are popular for helping YouTubers and video makers in designing their text-based intros. You can try these out if you want. I haven’t tested these apps. But if you want to share such mobile apps, comment down below and share with us.


The making of a vlog intro is pretty much a creative endeavor. Even if you’re willing to spend a whole heap of money on this, you’d still need to explain to the designer that what kind of intro you want.

The purpose of this blog post was to help you out in starting up with this.

Don’t just wait for the intro to be made.

Just start.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have the intro.

But if you need an intro at any cost, then you better get it beforehand.

What do you think about having a vlog channel intro?

P.S. I personally use Filmora video editing software and pretty satisfied with it. This post does have my affiliate links to Filmora software, which means if you click through them and buy the Filmora software, I would get paid a small commission and it wouldn’t cost you any extra money. 

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