How to Start Vlogging with Your Android or iPhone

start vlogging with your phone

If you want to learn how to start vlogging, it means you have been following some vloggers on YouTube and now you’re thinking to put yourself out there and make a start in the vlogging world. Well, this could be the best decision ever because you have the courage to start it.

Most of the people who don’t go forward from this point, they pick some excuses for that, one of them is not having the camera gear to get started. Whenever you’d be talking to someone who wants to start vlogging but hasn’t been able to start it, you’d find the very same reason behind that procrastination.

Good news.

I’ll tell you how to get started with your Android or iPhone. If you really want to do this, you can’t go off the hook now because you might end up making the best decision of your life. I don’t know what you have in mind, some people just want to get confidence, so they get on YouTube, some of them want to change others’ lives, many of them just have opinions about lifestyle, so they want to life coach as much people as possible, so they jump to the YouTube. Whatever it is, it’s good to have a reason to start vlogging. If you don’t start it today, you’ll do it in the future, anyway, so why not to start it now.

As promised, I will help guide you to get started your vlogging with your Android phone or iPhone. If you think the quality of your smartphone won’t be so competitive, you’re right, but that is not the excuse of not initiating… Find a good one…

Just read a few things before you get started with your vlog shooting using your smartphone:

 1) – Shoot in the landscape mode

Have you seen some old family trip videos that your uncle or little brother recorded? If you remember a few of them, they were probably in the portrait mode, now those videos on the internet look strange. The idea of mentioning this point is that always record the videos in the landscape mode with your smartphone.

2) – Don’t upload without editing it

If you’re new to vlogging and you just started it out, it means you haven’t been able to grab some useful video editing software to edit the vlogs, you may end up uploading all those vlogs without editing, which would destroy the whole thing. You might have shot some beautiful scenes and you might have captured funny moments in those videos and when you don’t edit those videos before uploading, that could harm the narrative of the vlog. Use iMovie on the Mac and Movie Maker on the Windows.

3) – You can shoot a timelapse

Don’t worry about the fancy cameras and expensive softwares while you’re starting out. If you think you can’t include timelapse videos in your vlog because you shoot on your phone, then let me tell you something, you certainly can. The Framelapse app (Play Store, iTunes) will help you do that.

4) – Make Great Vlog Thumbnails

There might be a number of apps both on Android and iOS where you can add different texts and effects on your pictures to make amazing thumbnails for your vlogs. It’s necessary to have a catchy and attractive thumbnails for each and every vlog you’re uploading to the YouTube. The Font Lab is a popular android app for adding text and effects on the photos. You’d find a bunch of them on iOS as well. A secret tip to get this done successfully is that always choose the thumbnail picture according to the vlog title.

 5) – The Video Resolution

A technical tip for shooting a vlog on your phone could be about the video resolution. Now, many of the newcomers who just grab their phones to start shooting, they might end up getting the video result problem and they complain that after uploading to the YouTube, the result of their vlogs just sabotaged. This happens when you don’t match up the recording resolution (on your phone) with your exporting resolution (in the software). Let’s say, you’re recording your vlog on 720p using your phone and when you’re exporting the edited vlog from your software, you just export it in 1080p resolution, it would kill the video quality because of the difference in the both resolutions. So, always match that up and your exported file will do better. A secret tip is that always export in WMV format rather than AVI or MP4. It would improve the video quality on YouTube.

Your Part

So, I came up with a handful of useful advice for those who want to start their vlogs and going to do using their phones.

I love the spirit.

I started off shooting my vlog on an 8-MP phone, then I moved to 13-MP phone just to improve my vlogs, and then I came up with a  Sony Cybershot. In fact, the next plan is to jump onto a DSLR.

See, this is how you progress.

If you don’t start at some point, you won’t progress at all.

So, make a start and start progressing.

Tell me something…

Would you ever think to start vlogging with your phone?

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