Sony WX350: An Affordable Vlogging Camera for Starters

Sony WX350 Review

Sony WX350 (affiliate link) is an affordable vlogging camera for vlogging starters who don’t want to spend a whole heap of money on buying a DSLR for shooting the ultra-HD videos for uploading to YouTube. Instead, they’re looking to start vlogging and want to get their hands on a good camera as a beginner in vlogging.

Sony WX350 (affiliate link) is a cyber-shoot that does quite a job both with still photo-shoot and video recording. There are so many options to talk about when it comes to the best vlogging cameras. You’ll always find people talking about Canon G7X (affiliate link) and Sony RX100 (affiliate link) but they cost somewhere near $600 and not everyone is willing to spend that amount of money when they’re starting out. No doubt, these two cameras are the best and versatile cameras for vlogging but we’re here talking about the affordability.

The point is, what if anyone who wants to start vlogging could afford a camera that costs between $250 to $275. It would have been a lot easier to buy that one instantly.

So, Sony WX350 (affiliate link) is one of those cameras. I’m currently using this camera as a vlogging starter and I’ll tell you everything from my first-hand experience. This comprehensive review of Sony WX350 will tell you why I’m still using it and more importantly why I chose to write a review about this. Furthermore, the purpose of this review is that if you would like to buy this camera either online or through any physical store, you should know what to expect from this camera.

Before getting deeper into this, let’s find out what this camera has got to offer.

best affordable vlogging camera


Here are the specs of this camera:

  • It has a 7.82 mm Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • This is 18.2 Megapixels camera. However, 18.2 is the effective quality but total pixel number is 21.1 Megapixels
  • It can shoot 1440x1080p and VGA videos
  • It contains Sony G 20x zoom lens
  • It provides pictures in JPEG file format
  • The video format is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (MP4 in other words)
  • It comes with a Dolby Digital 2ch audio technology
  • It supports Memory Stick PRO duo media, Memory Stick Micro, SD cards, MicroSD memory cards
  • The flash of this camera with the auto ISO sensitivity is approx. 0.2 m to 4.3 m (zoomed in) and approx. 2.0 m to 2.4 m (zoomed out)
  • It supports the HDMI cable and has the micro jack at the side
  • The USB communication works flawlessly to connect the camera to the PC
  • This camera has a 7.5 cm LCD screen with 460 800 dots
  • The battery (NP-BX1, 3.6V) is rechargeable and comes with AC Adaptor (AC-UB10C/UB10D, 5V)
  • The dimensions are 96mm x 54.9mm x 25.7mm (W/H/D)
  • It is equipped with  a stereo microphone and doesn’t support any external microphone
  • It has a built-in monaural speaker
  • It has a Wi-Fi connectivity option along with the NFC technology

Features of Sony WX350 Cybershot

There are lots of features in this camera that makes this gadget stand out in the specific category and a few of them can be incredibly helpful for everyone who uses this camera for vlogging. Take a look at  the features of Sony WX350 Cybershot:

Movie Modes

This mode is specifically for shooting videos. It does allow you to choose shooting features according to the circumstances and that makes this point-and-shoot more interesting. It does have the 1080 HD quality video and it is also pretty good for the photo-shooting, however, it offers tons of video shooting modes such as:

  • Intelligent Auto: It makes you feel free because the camera does all the stuff related to light adjustment, fps, ISO, autofocus etc.
  • Portrait: This feature allows you to shoot the videos by blurring the backgrounds and sharpening the subject. It also reproduces the soft skin tone as well. Upon selection, this feature may help you shoot videos and vlogs without worrying about the blurriness of the subject.
  • Landscape: This feature helps you shoot a wide scenery in sharp focus with bright colors. It is always good to choose this option while shooting videos in the fields underneath the blue sky. It also provides a wide angle view to the video.
  • Night Scene: It helps you shoot night scenes clearly. If you use a tripod, it will eventually improve the video quality and reduce the blurriness. This option is best for shooting videos at night.
  • Beach: This feature gives you an amazing video experience if you’re on the beach and want to capture the true colors of sky and sea under the bright sun.
  • Snow: There is an option to record the videos or vlogs in the snow. This option would make it happen if you want to vlog during the snowing season. Make sure your camera doesn’t get wet or something. Because this feature helps you capture the essence of whitish snowy scenes.
  • Fireworks: Who doesn’t like fireworks? Now use your WX350 cyber-shot to vlog during the fireworks in town. Use this option to shoot the best out of your fireworks experience.
  • High Sensitivity: It allows you to take low light shots during the candle light dinners or at the hotels with dim lighting conditions.

Program Auto

This mode is pretty much an auto-mode. It sets aperture and shutter speed automatically. It allows you to make further changes. It works fine for the starters especially who don’t want to get into the aperture, shutter speed, and other technical photographic terminologies.

Superior Auto

This mode is extremely helpful for outdoor and indoor shoots where noise and blurriness could be an issue. It does help in indoor conditions where echo creates the disturbance in the footage. This mode does kill that echo in the video. Similarly, it helps you cope with the blurriness.

Intelligent Auto

This is probably the auto mode for photo-shoots. It automatically identifies the scene’s properties and sets everything accordingly to give you the maximum quality possible in the photographs.

Scene Selection

This mode helps in professional photography. It comes with a number of features which means that this camera does have the ability to capture photographs in many different conditions. For instance, portrait, landscape, night scene, night portrait, anti-motion blur, pet, gourmet, beach, snow, fireworks etc.

iSweep Panorama

It’s a popular panoramic photography feature that provides you a chance to get a panoramic photo by switching this mode on and moving the camera left to write at a certain speed.

Pros and Cons of Sony WX350 Cyber-shot

It’s always good to know the both strengths and weaknesses of the product you want to buy so that you know what to expect from it. Take a look at the pros and cons of Sony WX350 Cyber-shot (affiliate link):


1) – Easy-to-Use Interface

There is no doubt about the easiness of the interface. There is nothing complex about the software of this camera and everything seems easy.

2) – Wireless Connectivity

It does have the feature to connect the camera to your PC or Smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection. PlayMemories Home is the software that connects the camera and PC.

3) – High-speed USB

Like any other today’s digital camera, this camera does have the USB feature for charging and data transfer.

4) – Removable Battery

One of the good things about this camera is that it has the removable battery, which means you can have multiple batteries along with the camera and if your main battery runs out, you can use the backup batteries.


1) – No external Microphone

Like any other camera, this camera also has some weak points such as no external microphone. Usually, a point-and-shoot camera doesn’t have this feature but when it comes to vlogging, it is kind of necessary thing when you shoot outdoors. It only has the default stereo mic.

2) – Fixed LCD

Unlike Canon G7X and Sony RX100 iv, this camera doesn’t have the feature of movable LCD. Its LCD is fixed.

3) – No Manual Focus

There is no manual focus option in this camera. Usually, this feature belongs to the DSLR cameras but today’s latest point-and-shoot cameras do have a tiny manual focus option.


Personally, I didn’t regret it. I thoroughly enjoyed my vlogging with this camera. I have been using this camera for last 11 months. In fact, I’ve referred this camera to many of the vlogging starters who were looking to buy a vlogging camera under $300.

Discloser: The links to the cameras are my affiliate links. This means if you buy these products, I would get a small commission and it won’t cost you any extra money. 

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