How to Shoot a Vlog for YouTube

Shoot a Vlog for YouTube

The vlog shooting isn’t a rocket science but it certainly requires a skill set to make it better. However, it shouldn’t stop you from doing it or starting it because everyone learns along the way and you would too. So, if you’re wondering how to start a vlog and how you would record the video for vlog, then this article will help.

You know, my 6 years of blogging taught me something and that’s DELIVERY OF VALUE. I’d rather watch TV and don’t write than writing a useless piece of content. So, when I thought to write this article, I knew that I have some experience in vlogging now. I have been doing this for past six months now and enjoying it, then I thought I’m qualified for giving at least some basic tips on shooting a vlog.

That being said, I’m going to cover a few aspects of shooting a vlog which will not only help you get started but it will also make you feel how easy it is to jump in. I like the Casey Neistat‘s quote about perfection and it always comes to my mind when I talk about starting out something, he says “Perfection erases humanity“. And it’s a thought-provoking quote to ponder if you’re doing something related to art, filming, or writing.

Let’s come to the good stuff.

There are three major challenges for vlogging starters:

Take a look at three challenges that might be stopping you from starting your vlogs on YouTube:

1. Shooting the vlog:

How to shoot it? Does it require a $1000 camera to get started? What to do if you don’t have an expensive camera for vlogging? All such thoughts come to mind when most of the people think to start vlogging.

2. What to Record:

Secondly, what to actually shoot in the vlog? This is common too. People keep on thinking that what I can record in my vlog. They think so much that it makes them frustrated and they end up either quitting it or believing it they can’t do it. I’ll definitely share my experience of getting started and getting better with the passage of time in this regard.

3. How to Edit:

This used to scare me a lot before starting my vlogging. I know many other vlogging starters think the same. The question ‘how to edit’ scares people. I’ll give you an easy solution for that. Keep reading.


Now, I’ll try to give you the solutions of above mentioned hurdles in your vlogging. Nothing should stop you from taking a start in vlogging. It could be a side hustle just like it is for me. I love vlogging and I want to spread the word about it. Let’s find out some solutions:

Solution #1 – (Shooting the Vlog):

You don’t have to start shooting your vlog on an expensive camera, meaning, it shouldn’t stop you from doing it. Begin with anything you have. Most of the YouTubers and vloggers you might be following started on their iPhones or the cheap point and shoot cameras. I personally started shooting on my Android phone, then I bought a Cybershot, and now I’m planning for my first ever DSLR. You’ll hear from Vloggers that camera gear isn’t important, starting out is. So just grab your iPhone and buy a selfie stick or mobile tripod and start shooting it. (Ilyas Tarar, a friend of mine actually did this and I’m proud of him)

Solution #2 – (What to Record):

This might change your mood. Listen, you don’t have to do anything especial for your vlog. That’s the key, just be normal and original. When I told Ahmad Mujtaba to start daily vlogs, he replied me that he doesn’t have an interesting day routine to record. I replied back that you don’t have to do anything fake. Just try to share what you do all day. Be original and be real. I pretty much convinced him. I’m happy he finally started vlogging. So, the point is, you don’t have to be a millionaire to have a great day routine. People love originality and real version of you. Nothing would be better than watching you eating a zinger at the local fast food or talking to the friends at the beach or paying a surprise visit to a friend’s house.

Solution #3 – (How to Edit):

The editing is one of the challenges newbie vloggers face. It does scare people. But let me tell you a secret, the day you jump in and start making videos or vlogs, the editing part won’t bother you at all. Now, you might be thinking that you would have to buy some expensive editing software to get started. As I said, you don’t need to spend money to get started. If you’re a Mac user, you can use iMovie software for editing and if you’re on PC, then Movie Maker in your Windows will help you do the job pretty easily. Trust me, you’re good to go. As far as using that editing software is concerned, almost 6 months back, I used the Movie Maker software for the first time and it took me a few days to become an expert in that area. It works pretty much smoothly. All you need is to add your videos and start exploring the available tools. If you even scared to use those tools, watch some YouTube tutorials to help solve the problem.

Now, I’ve explained pretty much every basic thing that could possibly stop you from shooting your first ever vlog for YouTube. YouTube is a great platform. It’s the second largest search engine and the most used video portal.

The purpose of this article was to give you an easy way to get started with vlogging. Vlogging is a long journey and there is no shortcut there.

The day you didn’t start it, is a day you wasted because, at some point, you’ll start vlogging or at least try…

So why not today?

Why not right now?

Turn off your fear.

Tell yourself that you can do it.

Always remember that no one ever started marvelously, everyone went through an evolution process that made them as good as they are today.

So, now tell me…

When will you shoot your first vlog?

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