How I Recovered My Terminated YouTube Channel

recovered terminated youtube channel

This is a guest post by Sabeeh Saqib of Social Tech

My YouTube channel was terminated on 16th of February 2017. I was out with friends when I got a message about the channel termination. As I had been hearing the rumors about YouTube channels termination. I rushed back home. I re-verified my Gmail account to enable it.

Even though my channel had no community or copyright strikes whatsoever. All of my content was original. It did not violate any YouTube guidelines, neither did it violate any of YouTube’s copyright policies.

I knew that there wasn’t any issue with my content as well as the channel. The problem was either with the ISP or it was a technical glitch on YouTube’s end. However, no one exactly knows the problem this far.

So, after 2 days of requesting (the recovery), my YouTube channel got recovered with all the subscribers, videos, and views. This process can take up to 18 days, though. You can use this Google request form to submit your appeal.

Please watch this Urdu video about recovering my YouTube channel. I made it for everyone in Pakistan and overseas:

Note: A lot of Pakistani, Indian, and other Asian YouTubers are talking about their terminated YouTube channels. Probably no one knows the exact reason but with my experience, I can tell that if you’re not violating any copyright or community guidelines, your channel would likely to recover. Please follow the YouTube copyright guidelines.

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