How to Make Money with Vlogging on YouTube

make money with vlogging

Yes. Vloggers do make money with vlogging on YouTube. If you’re wondering whether we (vloggers) get paid or not, then this is something for you. In fact, if you recently encountered a person talking to the camera while buying fruit in the superstore, then let me tell you something straight, you probably don’t know vlogging and this article is exactly for you.

make money vlogging

Vlogging is a video blogging in which vloggers share ideas, routine work, daily life, and experiences. They document their daily life and share with the audience on the internet. The reason vlogging is a thing in the first place is because people are interested in watching others they can relate to or to learn something from them. From the creator’s perspective, it’s a storytelling method which builds a connection through an interactive communication on YouTube.

The question is, how do vloggers make money with vlogging?

I’m going to go a little deeper into this and help you understand that how vloggers can make money but before that you deserve to know that what makes vlogs worth earning money, so that if you want to hop in and start vlogging someday, you exactly know where to start from and what needs to be done in order to build a career around vlogging.

There are certain things that will be crucial to making money with vlogging on YouTube. You won’t make money directly from these things but these key elements will help you stand out from the crowd and that would eventually take you closer to the opportunities to make money with vlogging. Take a look at these  four essential things:

1) – A Growing Channel: The opportunities come by if your channel is growing in terms of numbers. However, if you’re consistent with your uploads and the audience is being engaged on your channel, the growth would automatically happen. When you’re being consistent and people are commenting and liking your videos on your channel, the numbers won’t matter much. For instance, you have an engaged audience and you’re uploading regularly, it doesn’t matter whether you have 10,000 subscribers or 100,000 subscribers. You’ll definitely come across some opportunities related to brand sponsorship and promotion and you would make money off of those opportunities.

2) – The Cinematography Skills: The cinematography does matter in making money with vlogging. It’s true that the essence of vlogging is originality and being real on the camera. In addition to that, what fascinates the audience is good quality video. The good quality video means your videos must be perfectly shot, cinematography should be creative, and the content being shared is valuable. However, the cinematography skills are particularly the style of shooting you adopt. Using a tripod to get the stable shot might help. Adding a timelapse into the vlog could make it wonderful. Additionally, it’s up to you how you utilize the available resources. For instance, Roman Atwood has a huge grassy ground around his house, so he always utilizes that ground for adventures. When it comes to cinematography skills, FunForLouis does a very good job in his vlogs. He takes beautiful small clips and adds beautiful background music to those clips.

3) – The Storytelling Methods: The storytelling is probably the most important part of the vlog. This is the reason that creates a hook between your vlog and the viewers. It reflects in your whole vlog. It’s something that connects a lot of things together such as:  vlog story + vlog title + vlog thumbnail + vlog content. Every vlogger has a different way of telling the story. Some of them have long and talkative vlogs. They share their daily life moments while doing daily routine tasks, spending time with family, while cooking, dining at the hotel, and sometimes shopping with family. All this stuff helps us share the stories and how beautifully we share those stories is actually our storytelling method.

4) – The Worth Sharing Ideas: One of the most important things is great ideas. It depends upon the vlogger. Of course, everyone has a different business-line and everyone has its own hobbies to follow. The point is, whatever you share whether your opinion or adventurous gadget, it somehow reflects the type of ideas you like to work on. For instance, Roman Atwood often does adventurous stunts by buying toys and gadgets for the vlog (Check this out), whereas Casey Neistat does social stuff along with many other regular vlogs (watch this). The concept is how you engage and entertain your audience through something you believe in or with anything important to you.

5 Ways to Make Money with Vlogging on YouTube

Vlogging is all about originality as well as creativity. Don’t limit yourself to a few ideas that someone tells you for making money off of vlogging. Keep exploring and finding the new ways but always remember that serve your audience first, then think about making money because at the end of the day, anyone who ever makes money with vlogging, is someone who started vlogging for passion not to make money out of it. Take a look at the five ways to make money with vlogging:

1) – Monetize your YouTube Channel

You can simply start making money with vlogging by joining the YouTube partner program. This is the simplest way to get started. Make sure your account is in the good standing. Go your dashboard and look for the monetization tab to activate it and follow up the simple procedure to get started. Once it’s done, it might take a few days to get approval and you’ll be good to go. After that, you’ll be making money off of your videos. But let me tell you something, the successful YouTubers don’t rely on this earning as they have grown their channels into the big platforms, so they get different opportunities to make money from.

2) – Promote your Product

The thing you shouldn’t be forgetting is that why you vlog. You should be vlogging because you love to. Instead, if you start to vlog because you want to make money off of it, then things might get start to change. All the successful vloggers started vlogging because they like to communicate with the people and they love sharing their perspectives, life, and experiences. Therefore, people love to follow them. If you think you should sign up into this just to make money, this might not happen. It’s not how it works. If you do it for money, you might quit at some time when you don’t see anything coming your way but if you do it for passion and love, you won’t quit ever and this is how you’ll end up earning money at some point and it won’t stop coming because you won’t stop vlogging. One of the ways to make money from vlogging is the product promotion. I placed this option at #2 because this is something you can do in the beginning of your vlogging career as well. However, you have to have a growing vlogging channel and an engaged audience for that. The product could be anything you like, make, or get manufactured. You might see some top vloggers selling their stuff and that falls in a different category which you will read later on in this article. The product selling is something like you have a talent of making some DIY product or anything you’re passionate about other than vlogging. For instance, a friend of mine is a singer, he could produce music for the YouTube videos and sell online. Maybe, you love fashion designing and you can at some point start selling clothes through your vlogs. It all comes down to what you can do with your hands.

3) – Get the Sponsorship

Once your YouTube channel starts to get some traction, it means you start to accumulate subscribers, thumbs ups, and views — you’d ultimately be a step closer to getting the sponsorship offers. The brands are hungry to work with creators. All you need is to get a direction and gather the audience. By getting the direction, I meant, you must have a philosophy of content creation. In fact, if you’re vlogging, you must lay down some ground rules and one of them is choosing your hobbies and interests, so that you’re able to show it to the audience and ultimately relevant opportunities come across you. PointlessBlogVlogs recently promoted a mobile game in his vlog. All top vloggers around the world work with different brands and companies to promote their products and services. You might want to try Famebit for that.

4) – Public Speaking Gigs

This might not be for everyone who looks forward to start vlogging and make money off of it. The public speaking is an art. Not only does it require passion for it, but it also demands some expertise to share with the audience. When it comes to vlogging starters, nobody knows you in the beginning, no matter how good you’re at public speaking and what your expertise are, you might not get a public speaking gig unless something miraculous happens. Here is the key: you might not be a famous vlogger yet but you start off your public speaking thing from YouTube videos and by asking people to invite you to the small scale events and meetups for free. Offer your free talks at the events and keep creating YouTube content alongside your vlogs. Your passion, videos, and speaking topics must be aligned so that anyone who looks at your profile to call upon you at the event, that person must exactly know that what you can deliver to their audience. For instance, FouseyTUBE is popular for motivational speaking. Patrick bet-David is famous for entrepreneurial speaking, and Casey Neistat can blow the audience mind through his filmmaking exposure. The idea is, you don’t have be a celebrity to get a public speaking gig, all you need is to know what you have to offer and how you can begin the process. Use the YouTube and leverage the vlogging content to land some public speaking gigs.

5) – Sell your Merchandise

Selling the merchandise might be the next level of making money off of vlogging but I got to add this to the list. You may have seen your favorite YouTubers talking about the merchandise they sell through their online stores and obviously, all the traffic comes through their YouTube channels. This monetization strategy comes into play when you’ve spent at least 5 years in the video making and you’ve already built a huge audience on YouTube. For instance, Alli has an online store to sell merchandise. A ton of YouTubers sell their merchandise and this is how they have diversified their income into various sources, and obviously, merchandise is one of those ways.

The Last Part

So, I’ve walked you through different ways to make money from Vlogging. You can’t go out there to start vlogging just to make money, instead, start vlogging if you really love it. People like me are crazy about vlogging and they vlog because they love the idea of filmmaking and storytelling. Here is the trick, when you would vlog because you love it, you’ll grow your channel and ultimately you’ll grab some opportunities along the way.


Because you would have an audience to talk to. People would be interested in knowing that what you do, so you can share with them on the regular basis. Furthermore, you’ve given your time, effort, and loyalty to them and now they’re devoted to watching your content. In fact, a lot of them are crazy fans and do whatever a vlogger asks them to do, for example, free sign up to a website, to vote in the contest, try the mobile app etc.

The money does come in when you’ve given your time, energy, and love.

What else would you add to this article to make it better?

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