A Step-by-Step Process of Growing Your Vlog Channel

Growing your vlog channel

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to growing your vlog channel, then you’ve stumbled upon the right piece of content, my friend, because not only will I share the art of growing a vlog channel, but I will also share my personal experience with you. I will tell you what works in the process of growing a vlog channel and how you can stand out from the crowd to make a difference.

Do you want more YouTube subscribers?

Do you want to be a famous YouTube vlogger?

Are you looking for a success secret of growing a YouTube channel?

Well, I’ll try my best to tell you everything I’ve learned in my 10 months of vlogging. But always remember that experience is your best instructor. The more you try out different things, the more you learn. At the end of the day, it’s all about experimenting and being original. Once you start to understand these vlogging traits, you’ll notice that people would start liking you, following you, and wanting to listen to you.

Let’s get into this.


I don’t want to miss something important here.

There are three things that I learned in vlogging and you shouldn’t ignore these things as well. If you ask me to tell three quick tips for growing a vlog channel, I’d tell you these three things in the next second:

1. Consistent Uploads

You have to be consistent with your uploads. Once you develop a schedule of uploading, people start to expect your vlog at the specific time and even they open their YouTube accounts to check whether your vlog has been uploaded or not. Whatever you schedule of upload is, just stick to it and don’t miss out your uploads. When you don’t stick to your schedule or you don’t develop a schedule or timing of your vlog upload, you may see a significant decrease in your views and watch time because your subscribers may not get to see your videos.

2. Daily Vlogging

Daily vlogging has been sensational for me. I haven’t learned anything fascinated more than making a video every single day and uploading it as well. I used to make three vlogs a week and upload on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before doing daily vlogs and I knew that daily uploads would speed up the progress of my YouTube channel, later on, I decided to go for daily vlogs, and since then, my vlog channel started flourishing more than ever. Once Casey Neistat was asked about daily vlogs continuity and he told that he wants to maintain that as long as he could.

3. Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the secrets that I discovered along the way in order to make good vlogs. Many of the new vloggers struggle what to say and what to shoot for the vlog, so did I. Then, I realized about storytelling, and I, kind of learned this thing from Casey Neistat. Later on, my vlog became a way of sharing some kind of a story every time I make a vlog.

Now folks, get ready for the coolest part.

Here comes the step-by-step process of growing a vlog channel:

Step #1: Create a Vlog Channel on YouTube and Make it Look Good

As the titles states ‘make a vlog channel on YouTube’ — it’s necessary to use the YouTube as your main platform for your vlogging. There are like a million reasons for that. Sure, you can upload the same vlog on the Facebook page as well but keep it as your secondary option. Facebook does give the better reach to the videos when we upload natively on the Facebook.

Creating a vlog channel doesn’t finish the job — it’s actually the beginning — after successfully creating your vlog channel, you have to put everything in place on your channel to make it look better. For instance, use a proper display picture, channel cover, and a clear channel name. All these things are important. Take your YouTube channel as a brand not just a videos channel to upload videos.

Use Canva tool to make all those channel covers and thumbnails. You can also create all those images and banners in your favorite graphic design software like Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop.

Step #2: Develop an Upload Schedule (and Stick to it)

It might look a little intimidating but trust me you’ll be fine once you start doing it. You might find that difficult because you perhaps never did it before. It’s totally fine. I reckon you’d be okay within two weeks time.

So, the question is, how to develop an upload schedule?

It’s easy. Make yourself comfortable. Decide how often you want to vlog in a week. I suppose you would vlog every day because this is my best hack to give away to all vloggers who are starting out. So, do it every day… If you can’t, do as much as you can. The important thing is conveying your two things to your subscribers:

a) – Upload days – In case, you aren’t doing it every day, just be sure that you’ve conveyed it to your subscribers that when and how often you’d upload the vlog in a week.

b) – Upload timing – This is quite important for all type of vloggers out there. The timing plays a crucial role in your vlogging success. You can test out in the beginning that when you get quick and more response from the subscribers by uploading vlogs at different times of the day. Try mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Then, choose the best option and stick to it.

Do you know why I said ‘Stick to it’ in this section?

Because once you’ve selected your upload schedule, you have to keep informing your subscribers about your upload schedule, so that they get programmed to follow the instructions and they easily catch up on your vlogs.

I recently came across such a comment from one of my subscribers on my vlog channel who said to me that I should upload the vlogs on the daily basis.


Step #3: Use Social Media to Make Your Connections Stronger

The social media does have so many perks today. Not only does it help you to update your followers, but you also use it to build your connections with the people around the globe. As far as vlogging is concerned, it’s totally based on love, affection, and connection building. Once you start following a vlogger on YouTube who uploads the vlog on the daily basis, you become addicted to watching it. I’ve personally experienced this thing before starting my vlogging. I used to watch Roman Atwood‘s daily vlogs and totally hooked up to watching his vlogs every day for a few months.

Once you’ve started gaining subscribers on YouTube, there is no chance that all of them would show up every single day to watch your vlogs on YouTube. The best way to get them watch your vlogs or even get connected to them is to build a connection with them on the social.

Don’t build your social media strategy on 36 social media platforms. Just stick to two or three platforms and try to add versatility in your social appearance. For instance, use Instagram to share pictures, Snapchat to give updates, and Twitter to share your vlogs or other news. Obviously, you can use both Facebook and Twitter. Almost every YouTuber uses social media platforms to get engaged with the YouTube audience. The strategy shouldn’t be targeting new people on the social media in the first place, instead, use the social media for making your connections stronger.

Casey Neistat uses Instagram and Twitter. Roman Atwood uses Twitter, Instagram, and Live.me (for live streaming). These are all social media strategies to make your connection stronger with the subscribers base.

Step #4: Collaborate with Other YouTubers

This is something epic. You don’t have to build your YouTube channel alone. Instead, you can collaborate with other YouTubers you are friends with. Try to choose vloggers who have similar interests, thoughts, and agendas. It will help you gain loyal and active subscribers. Now, the collaboration isn’t that simple.

There are certain things you need to understand in order to collaborate successfully:

  • Give value to other YouTubers: You can’t expect others to start giving you value if you don’t start doing it. It’s not about the number of subscribers that you have, in fact, it’s about how passionately you wish to add value to other vloggers. Don’t expect others to reciprocate that. Some of them would definitely understand your gesture and give value back. Your preference should be building a strong connection rather than getting value in return.
  • Give Shout-outs and Support them: One of the best ways to start building a connection with YouTubers is by giving them shout-outs and support them in their journey. When you highlight others in your vlogs or YouTube videos or mention their channel links in your video description, you take them to the new audience and that’s a great way to collaborate. The collaboration isn’t just about getting something, in fact, try to deliver first.
  • Occasionally Vlog Together: One of the best ways of collaboration for vloggers is that they should vlog together. I and SaRan often vlog together. Sham Idrees, Zaid Ali T, and Waqar Malik do the same thing. This is how you get the attention of the audience and you psychologically build a recognition in their minds.
  • Go to the Events and Meetups: Meetups and events are a great way to build connections and introduce your vlog to the people. Even if you’re not a speaker at the event, go out there, there is always a coffee break or get together after the event, try to introduce yourself to the people, shoot vlog with them, and you’ll definitely see some of the people would get interested in your vlogging channel.

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Let me conclude this.

These strategies are the core of growing a vlog channel. You have to be there, trying and hustling. If you can’t do it every day, then do it as much as you can.

The concept is continuous engagement with your audience, plus, show your concern about your vlogs as well. No one asked you to start vlogs. You did start it on your own. If your audience wants to watch more and more from you, you got to be there and making those vlogs for them because this is what they subscribed for.

As far as growing a vlog channel on YouTube is concerned, it’s a process and every process takes time. So does this one.

Never ever think that you won’t be successful in vlogging.

If you work hard every single day this means you’re passionate about this and you can spend next 5 years doing this along with your other career.

It’s about passion and love.

You won’t quit if you really love vlogging.

Don’t expect to become a vlogging superstar in a year. It doesn’t work that way.

If you’re passionate about vlogging, don’t think about a time span. The moment you stop calculating those timelines, you move one step ahead in the game.

Follow other vloggers. Be nice to other starters. Help them in any way you can.

This is how it works. You got to understand this.

What else would you do as a vlogger to grow your vlogging channel?

Let me know in the comments below!

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