How to Get Subscribers on a YouTube Vlog Channel

more subscribers on a youtube channel

If you’re a vlogger who just started vlogging on YouTube then you probably curious to know how to get more subscribers on a vlog channel. I get asked this question a lot. Ever since I started vlogging, a lot of Pakistani vloggers across the country and overseas started vlogging and many of them started connecting with me.

Now, I come into the vlogging with a 6-year blogging experience. I knew a lot of things about building the audience and improving the content. Although, I’m still learning new things about blogging as well as vlogging but one can say, I never repeated my blogging mistakes in vlogging. When a lot of newcomers saw my channel’s growth, which is, of course, not extraordinary but still good, so they start asking me that how they can improve their vlogging channels. I get asked such questions all the time.

more subscribers on youtube

I can speak for two hours on this but here we’ll keep things short and precise.

But I decided to pick a few essential things that can help anyone who wants to increase subscribers on YouTube.

Let’s get into the key elements that will get you more subscribers:


I have to admit. You must think creatively if you want traction. Meaning, if you want to get subscribers, you have to think creatively about the content creation; and come up with engaging, helpful, and entertaining vlogs. You don’t have to be an artist who paints or designs illustrations in Adobe illustrator in order to be creative. All you have to do is do something engagingly pleasing for the audience. Don’t lead your audience to a point and leave them unanswered in the end. If they invested time in watching your vlog, it must give them some value in terms of a smile, happiness, or a lesson. In vlogging, creativity is how you tell your story and how you portray yourself and make your point. From cinematography to editing, from words to message, and camera gear to ideas, every part of the process requires creativity.

Consistent Uploads

If you’re not being consistent with your uploads, let me tell you straight away that you can’t get subscribers. Now, a lot of YouTubers talk about the schedule and uploading at a specific time. Personally, I haven’t been able to upload at a very specific time. So, it’s hard for me to make a schedule. If you can make it, it’s more than good. Just do it. Now, it doesn’t mean I don’t upload consistently. I do upload consistently, it is just I don’t have a schedule. I used to upload thrice a week, then I started uploading daily, and now I upload at least two times a week. So, my subscribers know that they’re going to watch my vlogs twice or thrice a week. Pick up your best timing to upload and make your own uploading schedule. But if you don’t upload on a consistent basis, forget the new subscribers, you’ll start to lose the current ones. So, uploading on a consistent basis is crucial to your vlog channel success.

Camera Gear

A lot of big YouTubers would tell you that camera gear doesn’t matter. Well, they’re right. If you want to make YouTube videos and you don’t have a camera, then start off with your phone. A lot of YouTubers start filming with their phones. I started off vlogging with my phone, then I upgraded my phone just for vlogging, then I bought a point-and-shoot, and then I got a DSLR. It’s a process. If you’re discouraged because you don’t have a DSLR then you’re wasting time. So, get off your couch and film with your phone. You’ll get there where you would have an expensive camera gear, lighting, and a perfect editing set up. All you have to get there and in order to get there, you have to start moving. So, just start.


This is essential. You can’t grow alone. In fact, you got to help others too. It’s YouTube’s ecosystem that big YouTube influencers have figured out. Moreover, YouTuber does encourage collaboration. Read this if you want to know YouTube’s point of view on collaborations. Collaboration is a way of growing together. There is a bunch of guidelines that you can read from that YouTube creator academy link that I just shared with you. But if I would have to tell you about YouTube collaboration in three lines then I would say, just be original, try to find the YouTubers of same size, pick up the YouTubers that you can relate to, collaborate with the YouTubers you admire, and lastly, meet up and organize your collaboration or do it on Skype but never go for an unplanned collaboration. You got to make this right.


If you like tourism and love to travel around then it might give your channel a bump because travel vlog is quite a popular type of vlogs that people want to watch. The prime reason is that when you share your travel experience, the audience likes to see the new places and they love to see new things through your camera lens. Sometimes a travel vlog with the right kind of title, description, and thumbnail gets ranked or gets shared a lot on social media, it provides a huge push to your subscribers base. So, tourism could be a good strategy to get subscribers on your vlog channel. You would often see vloggers make vlogs when they travel. For instance, I made a few travel vlogs on my vlog channel.


Not everyone likes to write. A lot of people who comes across blogging, they don’t figure out what to blog or they keep finding the excuses. If you want to blog, start off with a reason. Find your reason or passion, then select a niche, and then build a monetization strategy. When it comes to getting more subscribers on YouTube vlog channel, all you need is to find what you’re good at. In fact, you don’t have to do something you’re not good at. You don’t have to strive to make money off of your blogging because it does require a whole different strategy. In your case, you need to grow your vlog channel, so think strategically and try to reach out the same demographically similar audience through a different medium. The purpose should be reaching out to the audience and introducing your YouTube vlog channel after delivering value through your blog posts. You can introduce your vlog channel in the author bio. For instance, I do this on (Check out my author bio).


Everyone might have a different definition of socialization or everyone might socialize differently. Either you hang out with friends a lot or you have a special inner circle of friends, just keep trying to introduce your vlog to friends and give them the confidence to show up on the camera. It’s better to explain to them what vlogging is and how you do it. Probably it’s good to show them a couple of vlogs on their phones and then include them in your vlog. In fact, if you’re a professional person who does a job or a business, you might also meet a lot of colleagues and new people, so you can do the same. Go to the relevant exhibitions, meetups, and seminars and vlog there and if someone asks that what you’re doing, tell them about vlogging. You never know you might stumble upon some opportunity at some point.


Getting more subscribers isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

You can only win at this if you love the process of making vlogs.

If you’re someone who anxiously wants to get subscribers but doesn’t like to make vlogs, then you might give up at some point.

I personally love making vlogs and editing them so that I could share with the audience.

I love when someone learns something new through my vlogs or appreciates my point of view.

You’ll ultimately rank a vlog on YouTube once you make 50 vlogs. It just happens and we pretty much don’t have a control on it. So, it is just about doing and keep doing it.

So, if you want to get subscribers on your YouTube vlog channel, focus on the creation part rather than asking for the shoutouts and spamming on every other channel just to gain new subscribers.

Because people like to subscribe to someone who is passionately making videos and being consistent with the uploads. It’s been noticed that consistent uploaders get their videos in suggested videos and it automatically helps them grow.

What would you do now to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel?

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