How to Develop Confidence for Making YouTube Vlogs

Making YouTube Vlogs

Vlogging is the new blogging. If you blog in 2017, you should better be known for it (because you must be good at it in your niche), if you want the attention of the internet users. If you are not a world renowned opinion leader in your niche then it is going to be hard to become a household name in your niche by simply having a blog and using social media accounts for content distribution.

Because this strategy is pre-2010 or rather pre-2005. That is when YouTube didn’t exist and blogs were the most consumed kind of long-form content platforms.

But this is 2017 and a lot has changed since then. What it has changed the most is that blogging is not the most famous kind of media where long-form content is consumed and neither blogging alone can make you a millionaire.


Because, in the early days, the blogs were disproportionately hyped up as they were the only form of media on the internet where long-form content was consumed, which means that the long-form content was published via blogs even if it wasn’t suited for being published via blogs, just because there was no other way to publish that content online.

So, a lot of money was made via blogging in that era as the bloggers had far bigger audiences and a disproportionate amount of attention to which they could push the content (to be consumed) and were literally able to sell them garbage (yes, that is true).

Now, that blogs have found their right place they are no more hyped up like they used to be and they serve their purpose (which means selling garbage has become hard). So, what’s the new thing to look out for? If you are here to find that new thing to get rich quick, then do yourself a favor, close this page, clear your web browsing history, pretend that you never came across this blog post. Because there is no such thing as getting rich quick and that’s why you’ll never find it here.

Why Should You Vlog?

Vlogging seems to be a new thing or the shiny object that can take you beyond the skies, control the world and enjoy the riches that it is going to generate for you. Well, let me burst your bubble.

Well, it isn’t.

Trust me.

It’s a form of media through which you can publish your video content and just that.

Now, I hadn’t intended to give you a heartbreak but I couldn’t resist it either. Because I couldn’t find any better way to tell you all this.

So, why should you vlog? You should vlog because …

  1. You need to publish your video content over the internet.
  2. Your audience isn’t engaging to older forms of content that you were absolutely a ninja at producing and distributing.
  3. You want to build a massive audience and grab the attention of users that are on the video distribution platforms.
  4. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world.

If you said YES to any of the points from 1 to 3 then you should consider start vlogging (because you can’t say NO to point 4).

Now that you have chosen to start vlogging or if you already were vlogging, the biggest challenge that scares the hell out of beginners is usually how to face the camera or rather how to develop confidence for making YouTube videos.

To develop confidence for vlogging and making YouTube videos you need to go through a process that is going to take some time to make you a fine vlogger. I call this process ‘Warrior Vlogger Process’. In this process, you have to develop the mindset of a warrior vlogger first and foremost (Read more about Warrior Mindset).

After that, you have to plan each and every vlog of yours just like a warrior plans for a battle before facing the enemy. But more importantly, you have to plan what your whole channel is about and what is the consistent value that is going to be delivered in each and every piece of content that you produce. You can go off the topic here and there but most of the times your message would be closely related to what your mission is. Your tone may vary, but the message remains the same.

Now comes the time to develop skills, the competencies. This is where the real struggle begins (I love this part!)

Competency is going to be your warrior Swiss Knife and this (your skills) is going to assist you throughout your vlogging journey. You’ll take time here and there to sharpen your knife and upgrade it whenever possible. But not having up-to-date knife should NEVER stop you from trying to keep on going.

Getting used to of the process is what I call the Proficiency. You have to develop a level of proficiency after all this time. As you have learned how to survive, striving for proficiency should be your focus now.

When you reach a level of proficiency you should be able to know which of the “experts’ opinion” is a pure piece of garbage and which one is a gem. If you don’t then probably you aren’t testing out new things. Don’t be satisfied if you have become good because this satisfaction is actually what will stop you from being great. Test out new things, learn from what worked and what didn’t and then adapt accordingly.

If you fail to learn and adapt then someone else is going to steal your audience sooner or later and put you out of the market.

I’m going to write in detail about this process. The steps to remember are:

  1. Develop a warrior Mindset.
  2. Planning like a Warrior.
  3. Develop Competency (Skills).
  4. Develop Proficiency (Get used to it).
  5. Test, Learn and Adapt (Keep improving).

(This blog post is first of the five series blog posts on How to develop confidence for making YouTube videos)

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