How to Create a Vlogging Channel on YouTube

Create a Vlogging Channel

Are you about to create a vlogging channel on YouTube?

If you thought let’s do a little research on it before actually creating a YouTube channel and start making vlogs, then let me tell you something you’re smarter than 99% of the starters.

I know you follow some vloggers on YouTuber. The vlogging mesmerized you. Maybe, some vloggers inspired you to get started.

What’s next?

You thought to take a look into this and read some tips and tricks (of starting a vlogging channel) before actually start doing it… GENIUS!!!

Not everyone does that.

I’m glad because I’m going to help you out.

Let’s come to the main part.

There will be two parts of this guide:

  1. Creating a vlogging channel on YouTube
  2. Choosing the vlogging style

Of course, you would need some guidelines on the vlogging equipment, and trust me, you would learn everything along the way. The experience is the best teacher. When you would hustle, fail, try again, and succeed, you’ll gather so many lessons that you can’t even buy today. So, be ready to give your time, energy, and passion to it.

Part #1

Creating a Vlogging Channel on YouTube

So, creating a vlogging channel on YouTube isn’t a difficult job to do. Just log in to your YouTube account, if you haven’t signed up to YouTube then go to the and use your Gmail ID to log in and follow the simple sign up procedure and within a few seconds, your YouTube account would be created. The next up is how you would create a YouTube channel. If you’re starting out a vlogging channel, then definitely it means you need to create a YouTube channel.

Here we go:


Once you’re logged into your account, click on the ‘My Channel‘ tab to enter your channel area, once you do that, you’ll a step away from creating the channel.


In the next step, you’ll be given the option to name your channel. In fact, you would have the option to change the name and read the terms and conditions as well. Once you’re okay with everything, go ahead by clicking the ‘create channel‘ button .

Of course, after that, you YouTube channel would have been created and the next thing you might want to do is start creating cover, display picture, and upload your first video. You can use Canva tool to create all the images and banners for your YouTube channel.

Part #2

Choosing the Vlogging Style

In this part, we’re going to discuss the vlogging style. This is an important thing to know. I personally understand this phenomenon after 6 months of vlogging and if you literally know from the day one, you’ll be a lot better this way.

What exactly is a vlogging style?

A vlogging style includes the specific shooting patterns, a way of speaking, and the unique storytelling ideas that differentiate one vlogger from another.

It’s quite important to have a unique vlogging style. If you don’t have one and you tend to appear like someone else which could be devastating when people start to notice and mention that in the comments section. In fact, when you do all that struggle of creating the vlogs, giving your time, editing them, and finally uploading for the viewers, then you can add up a little more to it by adopting your own style.

I’ve personally noticed people copying Adam Saleh‘s style of starting the vlogs.

Now, one more important thing that may reflect in your vlogging style is vlog type. This shows what kind of vlogger you are.

For instance, Ellie and Jared, Roman Atwood, Mimi Ikonn are family vloggers because their vlogs always have a touch of family discussion, spouse appearance, and kids stuff.

It’s up to you what you choose to vlog and it would ultimately define your vlogging style.

Try to be creative, realistic, and original.

People love to watch what you do, how you do, and where you hang out.

You don’t need a ticket to mars to impress people, all you have to shoot the vlog well, talk decently, share the story to the fullest, which means people enjoy what you’ve made for them. The more they enjoy, the higher the chances of engagement.

So, nothing should be holding you back from starting your vlog channel.

Tell me something…

What’s the biggest hurdle of your vlogging?

Do you want to start a vlogging career on YouTube?
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