How to Change a Lens on a DSLR Camera


 Change a Lens on a DSLR Camera

If you’re about to change a lens on your DSLR camera and figuring out how to do that. This means you probably searched about this on a search engine or social media and just got here. Well, I’m a beginner DSLR user myself. So I know in the beginning we need to know the basics.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to change a lens on a DSLR camera. I learned that without breaking my own camera lens. So should you…

Oh, wait.

Note: Please don’t consider my blog post as a professional advice. You must reach out to a professional photographer or videographer on YouTube to watch the actual tutorial on changing the lens. I’m just an amateur videographer and recently started playing with the DSLRs. I don’t guarantee that my blog post would help. Please, please, ask someone else too. This blog post is about changing the camera lens of a Canon 700D. The method could slightly be different on other cameras. Be cautious.

Without any further due, let’s get into this.

How to Change a Lens on a DSLR Camera

First off, there could be a different button in other cameras but it has to be somewhere near the lens. In Canon 700D, there is a button right next to the lens. So press the button to detach the lens.
dslr lens change

Then gently roll over the lens to the left (meaning, anti-clockwise, it could be the other way around in other cameras).

lens detachment

It would detach the lens in the next second.

In order to put the lens back on the camera, all you would have to do is find the white spot or something like a sign on both the camera body and lens. There has to be something like that. On this camera, there is a white sign on the camera as well as on the lens, which means you put the both signs in front of each other to roll over in order to put the lens back on.

This isn’t difficult at all. You’ll be okay if you’re worried about changing a lens on a DSLR camera. Once you do that yourself, you’ll be fine. The best way to do that is asking someone’s help who has used the DSLR camera, in case, you’ve ordered online and received it just now. Maybe, you should watch the YouTube videos related to changing the DSLR lens. In case, you bought from a physical store, ask the sales or customer care guy to help you out on that.

How has been your experience so far with changing the lens of a DSLR?

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