How to Choose the Camera Gear and Equipment for Vlogging

Choose the Camera Gear

Before choosing your camera gear and other equipment such as a tripod, microphone, software and other things to make your vlog actually ready, you should know that all these fancy cameras and tripods shouldn’t stop you from starting your vlog.

That being said, all you need is to move forward towards utilizing what you have at the moment rather than waiting for your next paycheck from a part-time job to come. Your fancy stuff won’t make you better, starting the process would do.

Still not clear?

Watch Muddaser Altaf’s The Urdu Show (this episode). You will find the same advice from him that you don’t need expensive cameras, mic, and tripods to make a video or to get started with video making. Vlogging is all about casual video making and sharing your real life experiences.

At, we try to create content to help start Pakistani vloggers on YouTube. The core purpose of this blog is to help and educate more and more people to get started with vlogging and build their online careers. Vlogging isn’t quite a buzz word, but the pace it has gotten, it will be in a few years. In fact, a few people have been doing since 2010-11, of course, in America and Europe, but the majority of new vloggers started off in 2013 and later on.

As far as vlogging in Pakistan is concerned, it has got a huge leap this year in 2016 and it will continue to grow in the years to come. This is why I decided to come up with a blog that published highly value and authority content for new vloggers as I have more than 6 years of experience in blogging. I’m a learner in vlogging and I’ve been doing for past 6 months now. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully I will keep on learning it. is my effort to share all those learning with others in Pakistan and around the world.

Buying Camera Gear in Pakistan

Before buying your first vlogging camera, if you’re worried to spend some money on it or you may have other issues at the moment, I highly recommend using your smartphone. Every top YouTuber recommends this to the starters. The point behind this is that it helps people to get started. Once they start vlogging, they come into the process, and hence, they start evolving.

Some of the camera gear options for Pakistani vloggers are mentioned below:

(Cost-effective Camera gear)

Mobile Tripods/Selfie Sticks



(Expensive Camera Gear)



So, what’s the point of your blog post if it doesn’t provide any solution?

I decided to come with a solution-oriented blog post.

If you’re looking into this and camera gear was your fear, then it shouldn’t be now.

Well, it took me three days to complete this tiny but technical blog post but it was worth it.


I know this is going to help the readers who might be interested in starting their vlogs on YouTube.

The year 2016 is halfway gone.

I’m already thinking about 2017.

Procrastination isn’t the option.

Read this guide on starting your vlog on YouTube and get started with your first vlog.

If you’re in Pakistan, you might not be well aware of vlogging, which is why was launched to help each and every person who knows about YouTube and wants to do something interesting with the online video.

The vlogging is the best option to get started.

What else would you need to know before you upload your first vlog on YouTube?

Ask me in the comments section.

Do you want to start a vlogging career on YouTube?
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