Boya VM01 DSLR Microphone for Vlogging

Boya VM01 DSLR Mic

Boya VM01 is a DSLR microphone that I’m currently using on my Nikon D5300. It’s not a review of this microphone, but rather an introductory blog post about this purchase. I have been using this microphone for a while now, and my experience has been pretty good. So I thought to come up with a blog post about my experience of using Boya VM01 microphone.

I’m not sure that this microphone would get along with every DSLR out there, but it works with the Nikon D5300 DSLR smoothly. I’ll keep this blog post short and try to point out different features/elements of this gadget. Here are the things you should know about this camera microphone:

Battery: It requires a regular-sized battery to function. Consider buying a couple of rechargeable batteries along with a battery charger.

Switch on/off button: It has a switch on/off button at the back of the microphone. You can turn it off if you’re not filming the video. It just saves the battery.

Wind Muff: One of the best things comes with the Boya VM01 microphone is the windshield muff that protects the audio quality in the windy conditions and gives the smoother audio in the footage.

Price: It’s not a pricey item. I just bought this microphone from a local camera store in town for $25. You can buy it from Amazon as well. Here is the link.

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It’s obvious to me that it has been a good purchase. It has helped me record better audio in the outdoor conditions. Although, I prefer not to shoot with microphone switched on in the indoor condition when there is no noise around. The reason for this is perhaps the noise reduction feature (which I have enabled) doesn’t get along with it unless I’m in the noisy condition. In the extreme noisy conditions, the microphone just works fine.

Boya VM01 Mic

I’m a satisfied user of Boya VM01. If you’re a starting to vlog on a DSLR, and looking for an affordable DSLR microphone, then this could be a good option. I didn’t buy a $70 or a $150 microphone just because I was starting out.¬† I’m not rushing toward buying an expensive camera gear at the moment. I’m keeping everything normal. As far as this microphone is concerned, I must say it’s suitable for vlogging starters.

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