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Looking for the best video editing software for vlogs? Here is your chance to find out about the best video editing software for vloggers. Because I’m a vlogger, and I needed a reliable, super-fast, and easy-to-use video editing software to accelerate my vlogging, and guess what, I found it.

Whenever you would start vlogging, you would reach the point where you would feel that your mobile app that you edit your videos on or your current free video editing software isn’t enough and you may want to join the row of professionals, then you try to find that kind of thing.

I did the same.

I was right there where most of you are right now.

I started vlogging on YouTube. Loved it.

Then, I literally fell in love with it.

Then, I realized that I need a better software to edit my vlogs.

I wasn’t ready to spend almost $300 to $600 for an editing software because I didn’t have at that time.

Uh, do you think video editing softwares aren’t that expensive?

You probably don’t know about Sony Vegas Pro 14 ($599) and Camtasia ($199)!

Happy now?

So, as I was telling, I need a reliable, less expensive, and high-quality video editing software.

I did my research and found Filmora (affiliate link).

Here comes the exciting part.

It has got everything.

Video editing, Effects, Transitions, Various Export Formats, Voiceover and much more.

I loved it.

Now, I’m going to reveal how to get started with Filmora. If you’re a YouTuber or a Vlogger, this is something you should read it once before leaving this page.

best video editing software

How to Get Started with Filmora

Filmora (affiliate link) is one of those softwares who look fancy and tough at the beginning but the moment you open them, they turn out to be user-friendly and easy-to-use. You absolutely no need to be a software junkie or an editing guru to get started with Filmora. I’ll walk you through the whole process and after reading this, you might feel that you’ve already used the software.

But before digging deeper, let me tell you something real important here. Once you begin to start using Filmora, you may use a few tools for splitting the video, deleting the clip, adding the clip, adding the music, and exporting the file. That’s what the basic editing does when it comes to using a video editing software. Just in case, you totally ignore a few other features such as Transitions, elements, and overlays, I thought to give a quick shoutout to those stunning features.

So, now I’m going to break down the whole process and show you a step-by-step process of getting started with Filmora:

Step #1: Choosing the Mode

It all begins with choosing the mode. There are two modes available, ‘Easy Mode’ and ‘Full Feature Mode’. You might want to start with ‘Full Feature Mode’ to utilize the software to the fullest. Once you choose the mode and proceed, the options come accordingly. I highly recommend moving along with the ‘Full Feature Mode’.


Step #2: Adding the Media

At step 2, we actually get started the whole video editing process. In order to do the editing stuff, we would have to add the raw file into the software and that’s where the process of video editing begins. You’ll see an important box on the top left of the software, click on that box or click on the ‘Important’ to open up the popup to drag the raw file in order to get started.

add media

Step #3: Processing the Files

At step 3, we actually start processing the file and the software gets into the work. There are a number of jobs that could be done while processing the file. It’s pretty much the whole video editing functionality of the software and after this step (as a whole, of course), the thing we just need to do is export the finished product.


There are some great options to be utilized in order to use Filmora for editing:

  1. Music: You can add music to the videos. The software does have a small library of free music that every user of the user can have and utilize accordingly. But the option to add the other music is there. All you need is to important it into the software.
  2. Text: Adding the text to the videos is a necessary element of the software. No matter what kind of text you want to add to your videos, it does the job. You can add credit, subtitles, intros and much more.
  3. Filters: Filters are a great option in there. It provides you beautiful effects on the videos. There are plenty of them to choose from. Filters can beautify the color effect of your videos and add up a little creativity to them.
  4. Overlays: Overlays are a different kind of effects for the videos. This feature helps us create artistic videos, especially with the overlays. This feature actually reduces the opacity of the scene and add up effects into the scene which shows a light effect + the original footage in a fantastic way.
  5. Elements: Elements are actually the text animations that you can use for your videos. You can edit the text to adjust them according to your videos or vlogs. There a plenty of them to pick from the stock.
  6. Transitions: This is one of the best options in this software. It’s a scene-changing effect that plays when the scene changes. It could be used between two clips. Once the first clip ends the transition starts to appear and then the other clip begins to play in the rhythm.
  7. Split Screen: This option allows you to display more than one clips at the same time. But the software uses the sound of one video. You can choose the split screen templates that are available in the software.

Once you’re done with the options, cutting, splitting the video clips, and adding the appropriate music, then comes the finalization part at the last step.

Step #4: Exporting the End-product

At step 4, we actually export the file to get the end-product of the video. There are various formats to choose from. You can choose any of them. Mp4 and WMV are two the most popular exporting formats. People are likely to choose WMV for uploading to the YouTube.


Before you export the file for uploading, make sure that you save the project in your record in order to keep the Filmora file for future use. Obviously, you would have used different clips to create a whole movie that you’ll export as a finished product, if you delete the raw clips from your computer, you may not be able to use the Filmora file (project), so you should take care of that.

Personal Experience

I’ve been using Filmora for a few months now. I started using this software for my vlogs editing. There was no way that I could buy those fancy and expensive softwares. Thanks to Filmora, I got something amazing for a reasonable price. It has got so many options that every beginner YouTuber and vloggers will love it. As a vlogger, I needed something less-expensive yet useful, Filmora is exactly what I was looking at.

Additional Benefits:

  • Mac and Windows: It’s available on both Mac and PC, which is great because of many softwares out there aren’t for both operating systems and it really sucks.
  • Updating System: When you purchase a copy of Filmora, whenever they update the software, you’ll get the notification to update your software, which is great because they keep on making it better and better.
  • Easy Payment Processing: One of the perks of opting Filmora is the easy payment. You might not have heard this because payments are really a pain for some people and retailers/makers always have to listen from the customers that their credit card/debit card didn’t work on their site. But no worries, payment system at Filmora website is just amazing. You can use any of the credit/debit cards, they accept a ton of them.


As I’ve told that I won’t be spending $400 to $600 for an editing software at the beginning. So, I found Filmora at the right time when I needed it. The price was quite reasonable and affordable. I’m pretty sure that every vlogging starter who is looking for the best video editing software can afford the price of Filmora. Take a look at the price table:

filmora price


Try for Free

It’s time to start trying it. If you aren’t sure about buying it immediately, you can check it out first. Download the trial version for free. I’m not the fan of free trials myself, but I did try it first, to be honest, when I loved it, then I purchased it after an hour of downloading the trial.

Let me know in the comments below whenever you start using Filmora (affiliate link).

If you got any question regarding this software, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Screenshots and logo credit: Wondershare

Discloser: The links to the Filmora software are my affiliate links. This means if you buy this product, I would get a small commission and it won’t cost you any extra money. 

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