What are the Benefits of Vlogging?

the benefits of vlogging

Have you ever encountered people who get surprised to see you vlogging during the shopping? There are two types of people every vlogger comes across. The first ones are random people you see on the roads and in the malls and the second ones are those who are relatives, old friends, and family friends — the chances are, the moment you start vlogging in public, they would watch you like you’re an alien just landed on the planet earth.


Well, if you’re not like me who fell in love with vlogging, then you may need some kind of approval or you may need a push to accept the fact that you’re actually interested in vlogging. And, nothing would be better than reading some benefits of vlogging.

Yes, there are some benefits that you might want to know.

There are lots of them but I’ve chosen a few that are relatable to most of us.

In case, you’re wondering whether or not vlogging is for you, this post is the right place for you. Without any further ado, let’s get into this.

Take a look at the benefits of vlogging:

1. Hobby

Nobody can force you to pick your ‘hobby’. If you like vlogging, it means it can be your hobby unless you don’t want to make it or you don’t like the video at all. If you like the video but you’re a little camera-shy, that’s okay. You’ll be fine.

I want to communicate to the people who tend to like vlogging but haven’t picked it up yet as their hobby — I want to convey that if you like vlogging, just give it a try. You’ll feel satisfied and happy since you don’t have any other hobby. Let me tell you one thing, it’s no brainer that we must have some kind of a hobby to keep the negative thoughts away from our mind. The hobby is something that we love and do passionately. If I talk about my personal experience, I found blogging as my hobby and I turned it into a full-time living, then I figured out that video blogging is similar to it and has a different medium of communication… but the grounds are very common especially when it comes to the audience engagement, storytelling, delivery of value, and doing it for passion. I jumped into it and started  in November 2015 and instantly fell in love but I never stopped my blogging which is my passion in the first place.

2. Online Career

The vlogging can certainly become your online career but only if you have a passion for it. The passion is the key here. The reason I say that passion is the key is that it requires hustle, energy, disappointments, and a lot of time. This is no quick cash game. If you want to make vlogging your career to pursue, you got to have some other financial arrangements to support yourself. Erik Conover told in an interview to the Video Influencers that he did a job for almost 8 months while pursuing his vlogging career. So, you’ll find a lot of examples of vloggers who didn’t quit their jobs while they were starting their vlogging careers.

The ideal way to grow as a vlogger is that release content on the consistent basis, build relationship, promote others, explore places, and engage with people on social media — All this will push you out there where you could meet the opportunities and once you get that click, you’ll be good to go. When you truly want to pursue vlogging as your career, it more or less depends on the love for vlogging and how much you’re passionate about this. Because once you’re not ready to quit vlogging no matter what, then you’re probably at the point where you should definitely think about making a career in vlogging but as I said before, you got to have a plan because it isn’t a cheap thing to pursue. You might be starting with your iPhone but you got to have the plan to buy a camera, lights, editing software, and a lot of other stuff in the future. All these things might not be required at the beginning of the journey but once you start to grow as a vlogger, you got to have these things.

3. Confidence

One of the perks of vlogging is confidence. You get confidence when you keep vlogging. There is no scariest thing in the world than to speak to the public and facing the camera. So, once you get started with it, you start feeling better every day. It’s like any other thing you start and get better at it. The confidence is probably the most underrated trait to have in order to get started with vlogging. Let me tell you something about building the confidence for vlogging. There are a few things you should tell yourself before starting vlogging in front of the people or outside anywhere, a) you have to get it done, b) you’re not missing this chance to vlog, c) it’s okay to be nervous, d) you want to do it anyway.

When you think like that, you put yourself in a position where you give yourself some confidence. Your inner self would be the first place to get your boost from. The moment you do it for the first time, you’ll realize that the second time would be better. I remember my first day of vlogging. We were going out of town and I was in the garage standing beside our car and trying to shoot my first ever vlog with my phone… (I recorded in portrait mode…ugh… I still remember that)

I used to be scared to vlog in public. I used to think people would think I’m doing something wrong and all those fears were there because  I haven’t seen anyone doing vlogging in Pakistan and neither did people. But with the passage of time, I realized that there has to be a reaction of people watching someone talking the camera or recording a video with the phone while talking to it… I did accept that odd feeling and kept on doing it. I really got better after 6 months. Now, I’ve been vlogging for more than 10 months and I’ve made this far that I vlog more than 80% of my vlog outdoor and usually end at home. Trust me, I’m not the same vlogger I used to be almost 10 months back. I’ve had quite a journey. The reason I discussed the ‘confidence’ in the benefits of vlogging is that vlogging has made me a person who can come forward, face the crowd, and talk to the audience.

4. Internet Celebrity

One of the benefits of vlogging is that you get fame when you, obviously, reach to a certain position in your career. It comes your way when you’ve spent almost 5 to 6 years on the consistent basis and you become someone people start looking up to. Everybody has a different mindset. If you ask me, what would you rather prefer, a super fan shouting surprisingly while meeting you in person in the middle of the grocery shop or a sweet comment from a regular viewer? I would definitely choose the latter. Maybe, you would choose the shouting fan to meet up and take a selfie with you. It’s totally okay to choose either of these situations. It doesn’t matter. The internet is a space where you get known if you consistently work hard and make a difference in your life and your story catches more eyes on social. In fact, today’s social media is fast enough, if you’ve got some talent and you’re persistent with your THING, you definitely get a shot sometimes and the persistent ultimately contributes to that shot. If you’re a fan of being an internet celebrity, then vlogging is definitely a thing for you to try out.

5. Kill Anxiety

Vlogging does make you cut from all the clutter going on in your mind. Nobody actually knows what you’re thinking or you’re feeling and doing nothing might hurt you more. It may not be the professional advice on anxiety, of course, but what vlogging does actually is, it makes you busy in the process and it may help you if you’re a little anxious, annoyed, or frustrated. Once you start vlogging, you enter the process of shooting, recording, editing, meeting people, inviting friends over, doing collaborations and much more. So, it keeps you busy in the process. Darren Rowse said in a podcast episode that “Action is a risk, so it’s usually going to be accompanied with some fear, and that’s normal, it’s a sign that you’re doing something.”

The vlogging shouldn’t be giving you anxiety, after all, it should be making you off the hook with all those fears and thoughts that are making you stuck. As I said before, it’s just a step that makes you busy and you may find it entertaining as well.

6. Build Connections

It surely helps in building connections. When you start vlogging, you’re supposed to follow other fellow vloggers in the town, city, and the country. In fact, vloggers collaborate and build connections worldwide. In the beginning, you should be focusing a lot on building connections with people you want to hang out with and get to know places where you may want to visit and shoot your vlog without any hurdle. It happens over the course of time, when you keep the loop going, you get to meet new people and find out new places and at some point, you know where filming is allowed and where it isn’t. The best way to find out is to start filming your vlog (if there is a no sign of filming prohibition) and if they don’t allow it, they would tell you anyway and you can stop recording. It’s a part of vlogging. You can’t vlog anywhere you want, which is why building the connections is so important. People may start knowing you once your vlogs get popular, therefore, one of the perks is that you get to avail the opportunities that you may not avail otherwise. So, vlogging does help you in building new connections.

Wrapping up

The purpose of this blog post was to help guide you on vlogging benefits. There could be many more benefits of vlogging. The idea is, if you love vlogging, you’ll find out benefits out of nowhere.

The vlogging might make you happy.

Maybe, you want to create content on YouTube.

Maybe, you love the idea of documenting your life.

Besides all this, I tried to bring some practical benefits of vlogging…

If you want to start vlogging, you’d start it anyway.

The reason I started vlogging was that I have an entrepreneurial spirit that reflects my personality. It’s the core reason I started blogging in the first place. So, I found vlogging as a fascinated and authentic way to reach out people, build connections, and share great ideas with them.

Tell me something in the comments below:

What do you like about vlogging?

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