Vlogging.pk is a blog that is founded by Hassaan Khan to help educate Pakistani audience about vlogging. The whole idea of launching this blog is based on educating the local creators and interested individuals. The vlogging is a rapidly growing video-making trend on the internet.

Vlog (or video blog) is a video recorded by a vlogger for sharing the experience or telling a story. It’s a casual, fun, and entertaining video which is based on the originality without faking anything that people record, edit, and put it online for others to watch and enjoy. There is a whole lot technical things involved such as camera gear, lighting, shooting techniques, editing softwares, but storytelling is the backbone of vlogging. The narrative in the video and sharing the experience are something that interest people to watch it.

Why I Started Vlogging.pk

Since vlogging seems to be the next-big-thing on YouTube and people across the world are jumping over to YouTube to create their vlogging channels. I decided to create a blog that helps guide Pakistani audience about vlogging. Of course, I did make a start in vlogging first. (Here is my vlog channel)

I have had a great experience in blogging. I have been involved in blogging since 2008 and doing it on the regular basis since 2010. (Read my history)

Blogging is my passion. The second thing that ever made me so crazy and I couldn’t wait to start it was actually vlogging. Since it’s a similar thing with a different content format. In blogging, we write content, whereas in vlogging we create video content, and the similarities like storytelling, personal experiencing, fun, and passion appealed me to jump over and start doing it.

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